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 Scientists 1st choice when investigating osteoclastic bone resorption., Nøddevænget 3, DK-7300  Jelling, Denmark /

Reference laboratory:

Contact information:

Kent Søe

PhD, Associate Professor

Clinical Cell Biology

University of Southern Denmark



Relevant litterature from reference laboratory

Pit- and trench-forming osteoclasts: a disctinction that matters 

Merrild DM, Pirapaharan DC, Andreasen CM, Kjærsgaard-Andersen P,

Møller AM, Ding M, Delaissé JM, Søe K. Bone

Res. 2015 Dec 1;3:15032.

 Link: hc

Steering the osteoclast through the demineralization-collagenolysis balance.

Søe K, Merrild DM, Delaissé JM. Bone. 2013 Sep;56(1):191-8.


Glucocorticoids maintain human osteoclasts in the active mode of their resorption cycle.

Søe K, Delaissé JM. J Bone Miner Res. 2010 Oct;25(10):2184-92.


Septins are critical regulators of osteoclastic bone resorption

Møller et al. 2018


Time-lapse reveals that oesteoclasts can move across the bone surface while resorbing

Søe and Delaisse 2017



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