Scientists 1st choice when investigating osteoclastic bone resorption.





Bovine cortical bone slices for osteoclast resorption assays.

Bovine cortical bone slices have for many years been bone scientist 1st choice to investigate the osteoclastic bone resorption. The bone slices are superior to synthetic materials or dentine slices, as the bone slices provide an in vivo relevant bone substrate to investigate the osteoclastic bone resorption.


Dimensions: Diameter 6 mm (for 96-well plates)

Thickness: 0.4 mm (Optimal for downstream analysis) &

0.2 mm (Optimal for IF, confocal microscopy & time-lapse recording)

Storage: The bone slices are shipped at room temperature in 96% ethanol in a

transparent plastic bottle.


Upon arrival the bone slices should be stored at 4 degrees C until use.


Durability: At least 5 years when stored cold and in ethanol.


Prices: 50 pcs 6.50 EUR/pcs. excl. freight

100 pcs 6.00 EUR/pcs. incl. freight and handling

300 pcs 4.75 EUR/pcs. incl. freight and handling

500 pcs 3.75 EUR/pcs. incl. freight and handling

We sell in all currencies, but based on above prices.


Package size: Standard package: 100 bone slices

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